. O U R . L O C A L . M A K E R S .

artist in her studio

P I C A . P I C A

I have always believed that resourceful creativity is the way forward and that is why I set up Pica Pica (which means magpie in Latin) back in 2017. As well as using responsibly-sourced recycled silver and gold to create my pieces, I am always on the lookout for interesting components from second hand jewellery – beads, clasps and chains, anything I see that has some potential – to integrate into my work. This bespoke approach means some of my jewellery is limited edition (a few are complete one-offs) which makes it all the more special and unique. My love of simplicity inspires the clean, minimal aesthetic that characterises my work and subtle, organic imperfections are also integral to my work. I work from a small farm-based studio just outside Falmouth and I take great joy in being able to create amidst the calm of this natural environment.

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J U L I E T . B A R R A T T

Juliet’s background is in hand embroidery, beadwork and printed fabrics for the fashion industry. She now creates hand made bridal accessories alongside a collection of illustrations and prints. The repetitive patterns and shapes found in nature inspire her work, both embroidered and drawn.

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Juliet barratt in her studio
Becky at her craft fair selling recycled jewellery

O F . L A N D . A N D . S E A

Ethereal jewellery ~ Inspired by lore of the land and sea, in the Southwest of England ☽
Recycled silver, brass & found things

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B U M B A . R I N G S

Bumba Rings is derived on the south coast of Cornwall inspired by the Cornish skate community and culture, creating high quality rings for an affordable price. All our rings are made from Recycled stainless steel meaning they won’t tarnish or fade while being kind to the planet. Even our stands are made from smashed up old decks.

Go and sort your fingers out

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hand with recycled spoon rings holding skateboard
Ben Maker of Tossposts


Hello I’m Ben,

I make tosspots.
Plant pots hand turned from waste wood and offcuts destined for landfill.
Small in size and impact, I love taking my time turning discarded wood from front doors, window sills or old tables into something new and beautiful.

Find us on instagram @tosspotsuk

M A I A . W A L C Z A K

Maia is an artist, author and multi award-winning children’s book illustrator based in Cornwall, UK. Drawing much of her visual inspiration from the land, sea and skyscapes that surround her, Maia’s work meanders through forests, oceans, outer space and inner space, and is an exploration of consciousness, the interconnectedness of all things, and a celebration of the natural world. But above all it’s the paradoxical attempt of expressing the inexpressible: the mind-blowing mystery of this thing we call life, the indescribable and deeply sensed wonder and awe at the fact that something called existence exists. There could have just been nothing, yet here we are.

Find us on instagram @maia.walczak

Maia Walczak

T A N Y A . M C B R I D E

Both Swiss and British, I came from the mountains to the ocean to do an MA in Authorial Illustration at Falmouth University in 2008, and never left.
Now based on the Lizard, I love the raw beauty and power of the landscape and natural elements here, and their inspiration feeds into my work. My drawings are dreamlike, floating between the sky and the ocean, women and animals, reality and fantasy. A kind of “visual poetry”….

Find us on instagram @mcbride.tanya

M A T T . J O H N S O N

Matt Johnson is an illustrator based in Falmouth who loves drawing landscapes and wildlife. His day job is senior creative designer at the Cornish fashion brand Seasalt, where he designs stationery, bags, tea towels and so on. He also produces illustrations for book covers and children’s books as well as for his own online shop, and has recently completed designs for Bloomsbury Publishing and the RNLI.

Find us on instagram @mattillustrationuk

Artist painting
Holly Astle artist

H O L L Y . A S T L E

Holly is an illustrator based in Falmouth, Cornwall, a place that truly captured her heart since moving there from rural Gloucestershire for her degree in illustration, which she graduated from in 2020 before transferring to freelance work. Her illustrations are primarily digital based, although she is also inspired by the printmaking practises of lino and screen print, the textures and layer processes transferring across into her digital work.

She is greatly influenced by her local surroundings of the coast and love of the natural world. To find inspiration Holly may be found walking the coast path whilst looking at Fungi, fauna and other wildlife. She aims to capture an essence of Cornwall in her work, trying to evoke a true representation of coastal areas and the wildlife found there.

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E L I N . M A N O N

Originally from Wales, Elin is a freelance illustrator now based in Falmouth whose work is inspired and influenced by the natural world and the landscape around her, with its myriad of textures, colours and shapes. She also draws inspiration from folklore and folk traditions, particularly those Welsh and Cornish, and enjoys exploring the connection between us, story and the land.

Find us on instagram @elin_manon_illustration

Artist in a meadow
The olde Brick Studio artist

O L D . B R I C K . S T U D I O

“Hi, my name is Charlotte, the founder and designer behind The Old Brick Studio. I’m an Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer and work from my studio in Cornwall which is a converted old brick shed in the garden (hence the name). I sell my products through my online shop, the occasional event and through some amazing stockists, including Olde Rope! I also work freelance on bespoke illustration, branding and print design projects. Colour, pattern and texture are often evident in my work, with my surroundings, lifestyle and the natural form playing a key part in a lot of my themes”

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S U S T A I N . S T U D I O

Sustain-able prints and goods
handmade on Cornish coastline

Back to Basics, Back to Nature


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blonde haired lady posing
lady wearing Toja towlies tshirt


Toja creates crazy coloured changing robes from old towels. Each ones is individual and uses up 3 towels destined for the rubbish dump. Towlies can be custom made via the instagram page below

Find us on instagram @__toja


Hey everyone, I’m the maker and creator of SurfSacks! Aside from upcycling coffee sacks into surfboard bags, I also work for the RNLI, helping to keep our beautiful beaches all around Cornwall safe for everyone to enjoy! I have a background in all kinds of water sports alongside studying a degree in Environment and Human Health. I discovered an interest in the mental health benefits of spending time in or near the ocean and in particular surfing. Living in Cornwall, surrounded by a culture of cold-water surfing and brands such as Finisterre, inspired me to start upcycling materials into surfboard bags with minimal environmental impact. A year later, experimenting with different fabrics and bag designs, SurfSacks moved beyond a personal project and grew itself into a brand! I am excited to continue the creativity and collaborate with other likeminded brands to share skills and expand the culture of upcycling, so feel free to reach out and connect!

Find us on instagram @surfsackscornwall

upcycled surf board bag with maker
Candle seller at market stall

K I A . N D L E S

Kiandles is a Cornish based company that recycles your used and unwanted waste wax giving it a new lease of life.

Find us on instagram @kia.ndles

W O O D . B R O S . C O R N W A L L

My passion and love of reclaimed wood and scaffold boards and the endless creative opportunities they present for unique pieces of shelving and furniture are the reason I started this journey.

Following my redundancy due to the current pandemic I decided to start it as a full time business to allow me to create the work-life balance I craved living in the beautiful county of Cornwall.

Find us on instagram @woodbrosofcornwall

Scaffold board table and bench