.P u r v e y o r s
o f
R e m a d e.

All of our products are made from waste or recycled material
so they don’t cost the Earth.

At OLDEROPE we believe in making the most of resources already in circulation. 

We sell products that use next to no virgin materials to produce. 

Our products range from vintage clothing and spectacles to unique eco-silver jewellery, recycled glassware and plant pots.

Shop our virtual store or visit us in person in Falmouth,  Cornwall to perceive recycled in a new light.

As well as our Eco-Boutique, we provide a clothing alteration and repair service, run by the very talented Ekosews.

Or if you just need a machine to use to fix something you own, pop in while we are open and rent one of ours by the hour

If that wasn’t enough, we also run workshops on sewing and creating with recycled materials. 

Check out our events calendar for more details

Recycled Glassware

 We sell a range of Fair Trade recycled glassware.

The glass has been melted down then handblown to create individual pieces

Latest Events

    We have a whole range of workshops in store. Learn how to ReWork your clothing and furniture and create a more sustainable home


We have a wide range of recycled plant pots for all of your jungle friends

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